Natasha Z. Kirkham, PhD.
Room 278
Jordan Hall, Bldg 420
Stanford University
Tel: (650) 7244003

Classes Taught
Spring 2004: Infancy
Office Hours: TBA

I am interested in the development of visuo-spatial understanding, cognition, and attention in infants and preschool age children. I am involved in two streams of research, one of which addresses the question of how infants learn about their visuospatial environment with regard to the statistical regularities inherent in their perceptual world, and the other of which investigates the roles of attention and memory in both preschoolers’ and adults’ task switching abilities. I employ several different methodologies in my research projects, using both corneal reflection eye-tracking and habituation/dishabituation with infants, executive function tasks with preschoolers/adults, and EEG/ERP recordings from infants.

To learn more about my work, please vist the website of my resarch group, the Learning Lab. You can also download my CV or download some of my recent papers.

Selected Publications

Richardson, D.C. & Kirkham, N.Z. (2004). Multi-modal events and moving locations: Eye movements of adults and 6-month-olds reveal dynamic spatial indexing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 133 (1), 46-62.

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